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US Patent Issued 2020

DriVive™, by ViveBio Scientific, represents a breakthrough in technology for biological samples collection devices meant to be used in resource poor settings and home health collection. In these remote areas, blood collection must be accomplished without the benefit of any special equipment, it must be conducted in a way that can done by anyone, and it must provide a robust sample for downstream testing. The vast majority of biological specimen collection techniques around the world are not able to meet all of these requirements with dried plasma card or a plasma separation card. They are either expensive, require unique equipment or highly trained individuals, need electricity or phlebotomists, or they provide a sample that is not suited for all types of testing and or storage and shipping conditions. With the introduction of DriVive™, a simple to use and inexpensive biological specimen collection product now exists to meet these requirements.


DriVive™ represents a novel plasma separation card (PSC) that is designed to not just collect whole blood, but separate the cells (Red Blood Cells [RBCs], White Blood Cells [WBCs}, and platelets) from serum. This represents a new and unique feature not available anywhere else in the market. Composed of a primary separation membrane and a secondary plasma collection pad, blood drops from a finger stick pass vertically through the separation membrane via gravity and capillary action. The separation membrane captures the cellular material thus allowing a consistent amount of purified serum/plasma to continue to flow downward via gravity into the collection pad. The two different parts of the device (membrane and plasma pad) then dry and stabilize their respective components so that each can be sent down their own separate testing pathways. This is a major advancement in simplified sample collection techniques as currently available alternatives are not able to separate whole cells from plasma, which can be necessary in some instances.

In addition to the ease of use and the separation of the RBCs and serum, the DriVive™ also provides a completely dried and shelf stable specimen; similar to our ViveST® product. This creates significant benefits as samples can be shipped for testing without cold chain logistics or any time constraints. Alternatively, biological samples can be banked for use later without the need for freezers and special monitoring systems. In both cases the end result is a simpler, safer, and more inexpensive way to manage patient biological sample specimens. Past studies with our ViveST® tubes have shown sample stability out to 3 years and shipping savings of over 70%. While those exact studies have not been duplicated with DriVive™, similar results are expected.

In past studies DriVive™ has proven to be an effective tool in the collection of blood for routine testing, and it has shown itself to be unique in its ability to vertically separate RBCs from purified serum. Advantages of the device over current technology include ability to isolate RBCs, better and more consistent serum collection, ability to measure analytes that may not normally be tested for due to RBC contamination, and the ability to dry and stabilize the sample for storage or shipping. Additional validation is needed and currently underway; including studies supported by funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Features and Benefits of DriVive™:


  • Simple, gravity mediated collection of blood from a single finger stick
  • Special membrane isolates cellular material
  • Separate plasma collection pad
  • Collection membranes dry and stabilize collected sample
  • Compact, simple, and inexpensive


  • Allows for blood collection in resource poor areas
  • Isolates cellular components for unique tests that can’t be done on plasma alone
  • Provides purified plasma without RBC contamination; a necessity for some testing
  • Provides consistent capture volume
  • Provides un-paralled sample stability for long term storage and testing
  • Eliminates need for cold chain logistics during transport, which drastically reduces shipping costs
  • Can be used for testing in remote areas around the world
  • Easy to ship and store before use
  • Comparable in price to current products on the market for biological samples collection