Innovative solutions for biological specimen collection, transport & storage.


ViveBio is a biotechnology company focused on providing innovative, cost-effective, solutions in biological specimen collection that can make a quantifiable difference in people’s lives. These solutions will extend beyond incremental advances helping to change the paradigm of how healthcare is accessed and provided.

Why ViveBio Scientific?

We've developed technologies that overcome the traditional challenges of biological specimen collection and biological samples, transport and storage.

Eliminating Cold Chain Logistics

Reducing your transportation costs and simplifying the biological specimen collection process!

Proprietary Sample Stabilization Matrix

Stabilizes a Range of Biological Molecules

Compatible with a broader range of downstream assays compared to traditional dried collection products, including dried plasma cards.

Stabilizes a Range of Biological Molecules


ViveST®, is the first in a series of revolutionary, dried biological sample transport systems (dried plasma card) that can dramatically alter the way samples are transported and stored. ViveST® is the only system that provides a dried sample matrix, ambient transport and storage, built in indicator for moisture and up to 1.5mL sample volume in a single device.


The DriVive™ product is the newest dry sample innovation from ViveBio Scientific. This simple and robust biological specimen collection is ideal for home or field based collection of biological samples. It has been designed to separate and stabilize plasma and cellular materials from 2-3 drops of whole blood generated from a fingerprick or heel stick.

Procedure Trays

The VBS Adult Lumbar Puncture (LP) Tray was designed for neurologists by neurologists that regularly perform the procedure for Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) collection. The lumbar puncture tray not only included the best components for performing the procedure but also took into account how those components were organized.

Molecular Controls

The AmpliRun® Total Controls and the AmpliRun® DNA/RNA Amplification Controls are external run controls to monitor the performance of your amplification or the accuracy and precision of the complete analytical process (extraction & amplification). These noninfectious lyophilized run controls, include the complete inactivated microorganism in a matrix that mimics human specimens.