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American Society for Nutrition, June 9-12, 2018, Boston, MA
The ViveBio Scientific DriVive™™ is a unique device designed to improve the ease with which biological (blood) specimens are collected, stored, transported, and assayed; especially is resource challenged settings. What distinguished this device from other dried sample collection products is its ability to separate erythrocytes from plasma via vertical flow; thus, leaving collected, purified plasma in an easily transported and assayed matrix. Studies here show how this device can be used for monitoring nutritional and inflammatory biomarkers such as AGP, CRP, Ferritin, RBP4, and Thyroglobulin.

American Society for Nutrition, June 9-12, 2018, Boston, MA
The ViveBio Scientific DriVive™ ™ blood collection device is unique in its ability to separate blood components during collection; thus, providing purified plasma for testing. Additionally, the collected specimen can be dried for easy storage and transportation, which can be extremely beneficial when collecting biological specimens in resource poor settings. Hear, time and temperature stability studies were performed to assess the device’s ability to stabilize a range of different nutritional and inflammatory biomarkers. In addition a goal of the study was to establish an LC-MS/MS method for measuring 25OH-Vitamin D3, Retinol, and Methylmalonic acid in the dried spots collected from the DriVive™™.

SIGHT AND LIFE | VOL. 31(2) | 2017
This article introduces five exciting products; outlines their use and potential impact; and highlights the continued need to champion the partnerships and investment that make breakthrough health innovation possible. A discussion of field-friendly diagnostics, screening devices, and tools.

21st Internationl Congress of Nutrition, October 15-20, 2017, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Dry matrix spots (DMS) are dried spots of bodily fluids such as blood, serum, and urine. These have been used for many years for specimen collection in remote areas of the world. The goal of this study was to compare different methods of blood collection devices (BCDs) and identify those that could isolate purified plasma from whole blood for downstream nutritional biomarker (NB) testing.

April 22-26, 2017
Dry Matrix Spots (DMS) are dried spots of body fluids, including blood, serum, urine, saliva and breast milk. DMS have been employed as a convenient sample matrix to collect in non-clinical and remote settings.

FASEB Journal vol. 31 no. 1 Supplement 786.18, Experimental Biology Congress, April 22-26, 2017 Chicago, IL
To evaluate blood collection devices to identify ones best suited to obtain DMS for measurement of Nbs.

HEP DART 2015, December 4-8, 2015, Wailea, Hawaii.
Summarizes the functionality and performance of a prototype plasma separation card that allows plasma to be collected via a finger prick.

AMP 2015, November 5-8, 2015, Austin, Texas.
The functionality and performance of a novel prototype plasma separation card that separate cellular components via an asymmetric membrane allowing plasma to be collected and stored.

2014 HIV DART, December 9-12, 2014, Miami, Florida.
Proof of concept study describing the functionality and performance of a new plasma separation card.