ViveST Technology
The key feature of the ViveST is a proprietary absorbent matrix on which a biological specimen can be loaded by simple pipetting and allowed to dry. During the drying process, water in the biological sample is evaporated but biological analytes including proteins, virions and nucleic acids remain in the matrix. The samples can then be stored for up to 2 months or shipped in the dried state. While in the dried state, the specimens do not require refrigeration and can therefore be kept under ambient conditions.

The matrix is housed on the screw-cap of a microcentrifuge tube such that the sample is self-contained during storage and shipping. The sealed tube prevents sample contamination and degradation by controlling the environment inside the tube. Even when shipped or stored at high relative humidities, the environment inside the tube is maintained with the inclusion of a DriCapĀ® Desiccator that acts to absorb moisture and serves as a quality control indicator by changing color in wet environments.

When the sample is needed for testing, it can be reconsitituted by incubating the dried matrix with molecular grade water. The sample is recovered by mechanical force using a standard sterile syringe. Once reconstituted, the sample is ready for testing with standard laboratory assays.

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